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Coordinate Care Based on the Needs of the Patient

Whether a patient is ultimately admitted or returns to the community, ED physicians are in an ideal position to arrange appropriate follow-up care ensuring tha the patient does not need to be readmitted for the same condition.

Coordinate inpatient care

Out patient discharge tools offer complete discharge reporting, including medication reconciliation, multi-language patient discharge instructions, and prescription writing.

ED physicians can view, select, and approve diagnosis data directly in the chart and communicate their decisions electronically so admitting hospital department's have essential patient information as soon as the patient arrives.

Coordinate ambulatory care

Better communication with primary care physicians and other community-based health providers can assure that the right care is delivered to the patient by the right provider. Forerun provides PCP-communication tools that can be linked to your hospital's web portal so PCPs can easily notify your ED or urgent care clinic of incoming patients and share patient information.

For patients well enough to return home, emergency physicians can use Forerun to alert the patient’s PCP to the patient’s status, share the ED chart, and schedule follow-up care.  Patients receive a summary of their visit with clear instructions for continued care at home.