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Manage Patient Care and the Department — Concurrently

Leveraging our advanced user interface, Forerun provides a concise summary of patient and department information so emergency physicians can manage individual patients and department operations at the same time.

Meet Key Operational Metrics

Our ED Dashboard serves as the cockpit of department operations. In a single click, clinicians can see:

  • Key departmental bottlenecks, whether it be patients in the waiting area or those that are being boarded, so physicians can intervene.
  • Each patient’s chief complaint color coded by acuity. This allows physicians to set real-time priorities knowing what actions are required to advance patient care.
  • Time metric tracking that flags patients who have spent excessive time in the department. This helps physicians meet hospitals objectives on length of stay and patient satisfaction.
  • Order status and results of diagnostic studies, including whether the study is ordered, complete, or critical for each patient
  • Disposition management, care coordination, bed requests and admission status.

With this concise summary of patient and department information clinicians can prioritize their time, provide safe handoffs to other physicians, and efficiently provide and document care.

Optimize coding, billing, and risk management

Our point-of-care solution combines chief-complaint-driven templates with the richness of dictation. Physicians have an easy-to-access and easy-to-read list of active patients, the status of the patient's chart, and links to patient management and discharge screens.  The complete documentation ensures that both professional and facility charges can easily be captured by the coding and billing company and provide substantive evidence of their merits when needed.

Ensure ICD-10 Compliant billing

Boost reimbursement rates with a tool that automates the documentation of medical necessity and mapping to ICD-9 and ICD-10 billing codes. Physicians can view, select, and approve diagnosis data and criteria directly into the chart and communicate their decision electronically to case managers and hospitalists.