Physician Staffing Groups: 4 Ways to Increase ED Productivity

Posted on Fri, Sep 20, 2013
Pressure on the Physician Staffing GroupFostering and maintaining meaningful hospital partnerships is essential for any successful physician staffing group: hospital performance metrics and physician satisfaction play huge roles in the responsibility of physician staffing group services. Forerun’s FlexChart™ electronic charting solution is able to reconcile both of these needs with its fast, innovative and elegant physician charting solution for physicians in the fast-paced emergency department.

When the ED runs more efficiently, the results include higher patient throughput measures, reduced door-to-doc time, and maximized physician productivity. FlexChart™ facilitates each of these instances by combining the efficiency of chief complaint driven templates with the quality of electronic charting including smart interfaces and speech recognition: this supports both the physician’s need for speed and the hospital’s desire to capture clinical documentation data electronically. Both parties’ needs are satisfied, and physician groups see greater physician recruiting and retention as a result of leveraging the partner charting software system

ED Physician Group and Hospital Benefits of FlexChart

The FlexChart ED Charting software application sits on top of the current hospital information system allowing the hospital to keep the benefits of an enterprise system, while giving the physicians a functional working interface to chart with. The FlexChart Tools help clients address:

1) Higher Physician Productivity and RVUs

FlexChart™ has proven results in reclaiming productivity that was lost with most hospital EMR implementations in the ED. Our application empowers physicians to create a level 5 chart in 2-3 minutes or less (as fast as paper charting). We believe in getting the physicians at the bedside with patient, not having the majority of their shifts be spent in a computer work station.

2) Increased Throughput, Door-to-Doc Time and Improve Quality Measures

The way patients move through the ED has great financial implications for the rest of the hospital.  One way to significantly improve ED physician productivity is to enable the doctors to fulfill their charting responsibilities in tandem with the care of the patient. This can give physicians as much as 15% more time to see and care for their patients.

The ideal electronic ED charting tool design should allow physicians to chart concurrently with the care of their patients. With the right charting solution, ED doctors can leave the hospital at the end of their shift and are no longer saddled with an extra hour or two of work completing medical records for the patients that have already left the emergency department.

increase physician satisfaction

Another benefit FlexChart also provides is best-in-class reporting capabilities to manage the emergency department. Built within the FlexChart application platform are a flexible set of rules that display real-time analysis essential for supporting productivity and quality measures. FlexChart also allows for the capture of each field within the chart as discrete data giving the hospital the ability to customize flags and alert notifications, to analyze, report on and share patient information and to have the discrete data flow via interface into the hospital's electronic medical record (EMR) or other applications.

Our hospital customers are offered the option to tailor the chart layout and make other choices that best fit the specific needs of their patient population and how the physicians chart those patients. This makes running reports to track throughput delays, door-to-doc time by physician, etc. extremely easy to do, and arms physicians, medical directors, and hospital administration with concrete data to understand and improve performance. 

3) Communication with Primary Care Physicians and Consultants

In addition to improved ED physician productivity, a concurrent charting solution also provides the hospital a significant benefit of safe-patient handoff. Timely communication from the ED to the hospitalist caring for an admitted patient or primary care providers outside the hospital is frequently a source of frustration for many care providers when charts are not completed at the time of the transfer.  Improving the speed and quality of the communication leads with these groups leads to an increase in market share. 

4) Physician Recruiting and Retention

Forerun understands the optimal workflow for charting in the ED and provides the tools to build the chart in small, easily completed segments. Each segment of charting can be done as time and necessity dictates. Staffing groups that partner with sites that use FlexChart are able to leverage the intuitive, sleek system as a valuable tool that optimizes patient care and maximizes physician productivity, rather than being seen as a burden that inhibits patient care like some other documentation systems. FlexChart therefore encourages physician satisfaction within the hospital, and leads to a higher retention and recruiting rate for staffing groups.

If you work within a physician staffing group and are looking to improve your hospital partner relationships in addition to increasing your physician satisfaction / retention rates, download the full staffing group partner data sheet by clicking the button below. 

Maximize retention rate for physician staffing groups

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