Enhancing Interoperability to Improve Patient Care

Posted on Thu, Mar 27, 2014


Forerun helps three hospitals in a large US Healthcare System Enhance Physician to Physician Communication Improving Care Coordination for Patients

The benefits of enhanced communication among care providers for patients cannot be overstated. And, if it is happening in near real time, the impact is significant. From improving clinical quality and efficiency, to avoiding overutilization of services, to improving the patients’ experience, enhancing the coordination of care through interconnectivity across care settings improves the overall quality and lowers the total cost of care.  Forerun is focused on doing just that for emergency department patients.  Here is one example of how.

A large multi-state healthcare system in the US serves patients in its multiple acute care hospitals and at its several primary care physician practice locations. At three of its largest hospitals sites, emergency department physicians use Forerun’s FlexChart™ Physician Documentation system for real time electronic charting of patient encounters. In order to improve the speed and quality of communications between care providers for their patients, Forerun worked with the system’s information technology team and with the ambulatory electronic health record (EHR) provider used by many of the system’s primary care providers (PCP’s) to enable the electronic transfer of patient charts created in the ED to the PCPs’ EMR system. 

This functionality, which alerts the primary care physicians when their patients have been treated at any of the three hospital sites and provides immediate access to the patient record created in the ED in the PCP’s EMR system, supports the health system’s initiative to “mobilize” data to improve communications between care providers.  It also eliminated the labor intensive practice of faxing printed records from the ED to the primary care providers.  Further, automatically sending the patient chart just after it is signed by the ED physician ensures no patient records are missed.  The primary care physicians can see the Forerun patient charts from their offices - who treated their patients, what treatments were provided, and the ED physician’s disposition. 

Forerun helps hospitals better serve patients inside and outside of the ED with IT solutions that collect and enhance the timely communication of critical patient care data.  By making health information more readily available and connecting the ED with others caring for patients, Forerun is facilitating better care delivery in the communities it and its customers serve. 


Full flexchart emr software data sheet download