Forerun Announces Launch Of ED Optimizer™

Posted on Mon, Jun 9, 2014

Forerun is excited to announce the release of ED Optimizer™, our emergency department performance dashboard and key metric analytics solution. 

We have partnered with Emergency Medicine Business Intelligence, a recognized leader in emergency medicine business intelligence, to provide our clients with a solution and services that will revolutionize how they manage, adapt to change, and participate in the transitions effecting their organizations today.

Forerun is committed to providing our clients fast, cost effective, and impactful ways to extend our family of solutions.  We accomplish that with ED Optimizer™ by leveraging the information that is already in FlexChart™ and ForerunED™ and integrating it with key data from other sources (such as ICD codes, orders, staff hours and patient satisfaction data). Then, we help ED leaders interpret the information and strategize with them on making it actionable.

Our ED Optimizer™ performance dashboard provides a dynamic, 360° view of key operational, clinical, and patient satisfaction performance metrics.  We’ve developed advanced filters that allow users to focus in on areas of interest or concern for any key performance metric with a single click. 

With ED Optimizer™, users can drill into their Door-to-Doctor metric, for example, and filter performance data by day of week, by ED area, by the worst performing diagnostic sub-groups, or by physician.  Ultimately, they can see a single physician’s performance across all those categories above, as well as get to a detail list of Door-to-Doctor times by patient.


In addition, the power of ED Optimizer™ helps ED leaders identify and manage practice variability to standardize care, improve quality and lower costs.  With ED Optimizer™ clients have quick access to:

  • A physician performance scorecard that highlights service utilization, RVUs, patient satisfaction, and coding distribution;
  • A patient satisfaction analytic that provides scores by ED area, physician, nurse, and even the worst performing diagnostic subgroups;
  • The ability to look at physician practice variability for CTs, prescriptions, and labs, including turnaround times, by diagnostic sub-group.


ED Optimizer™ is provided by Forerun as a centrally managed and hosted solution, offering high quality service and system reliability alongside FlexChart™ and other Forerun applications and also as a standalone application.  ED Optimizer™ runs on any device with a modern web browser including PCs and tablets. 

The cost of ED Optimizer™ includes a one-time startup fee and then an annual subscription fee.

  • Startup services includes setting up the process to acquire the 3rd party source system data; review of existing departmental analytics and objectives with the ED stakeholders; working with clients to validate the initial performance dashboard and key metric data; establishing key metric performance thresholds and targets; and customization of ED Optimizer™ to address site specific requirements.


  • The annual subscription fee covers the ongoing acquisition of data from 3rd party source systems; generation of the dashboard and analytics; and monitoring, evaluation, and regular performance reviews with the ED stakeholders.


Change the way you manage performance and improve your ED’s contribution to your organization’s overall success.  Take advantage of the power of ED Optimizer™.