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Create Medical Records that Reflect the Logic of Emergency Medicine

Designed for the emergency physician, Forerun tracks patients in the ED, creates a readable clear record, facilitates communications so other clinicians know the patient’s condition, and supports optimal medical management and decision making.

Capture, prioritize, and disseminate patient information 

Clinicians in leading hospitals report that with Forerun, relevant patient information is more clear, reliable, and complete.

Push clinically relevant data to physicians when they need it

Forerun helps assure that as they treat frequent ED users and other high-risk patients, emergency physicians consider appropriate clinical directives.

Our high-risk care plans and clinical pathways help guide physicians with clinically accepted patient-management protocols.  One Forerun client documented a reduction in unnecessary admissions and radiology services through the use of our high-risk care plans.

Steer provider behavior with evidence-based clinical directives and decision rules.

As ED physicians document care, Forerun alerts them to relevant pieces of patients’ medical history and suggests appropriate evidence-based guidelines. This fusion of expert clinical knowledge, actionable clinical patient data and an advanced user interface helps ensure patient safety and physician productivity.