Forerun's FlexChart™

pressures on the ED physician

FlexChart™is emergency room software designed by ED physicians for ED physicians. Our electronic physician documentation system was designed to augment an existing EDIS to address the common experience of charting on cumbersome, inefficient software that does not meet the unique needs of the Emergency Department. 

  • Create a Level 5 chart in 2 minutes or less
  • Decrease physician charting time by 30%  
  • Enhance throughput
  • Spend more time treating patients
  • Reduce denials and ensure compliance
  • Ensure medical necessity is accurately documented

Addressing Pressure on the ED Physician

In today’s fast paced, busy and overburdened Emergency Departments, tools that support the physician’s need to be more productive in the preparation of patient charts are essential. Forerun’s FlexChart™ online EMR  application includes many innovative tools that seek to reduce the burden of charting, that improve the collection and presentation of clinically useful information, and help meet billing, medical-legal, and quality requirements.

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"We closely monitored the productivity difference between paper T-system, our previous documentation systems, and Forerun's FlexChart.  Rather than the typical decrease in productivity and flow seen with a physician EMR, we actually found an increase in RVA/patient and RVU/hour, which translates to increased revenue for physicians and hosptials. The ability to capture data for quality analysis, benchmarking, process improvement, and utilization of clinical decision support is the vision for the future of Emergency Medicine.  Such vision will only be reality if the EMR can perform efficently, which very few EMRs currently do - charting solutions like Forerun are the future of Emergency Medicine."
ed physician designed charting software- Dr Fermin Barrueto, Chairman of Emergency Medicine,
Upper Chesapeake Health Systems, MD