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Forerun's FlexChart™ is a fast, intuitive charting solution for ED Physicians. FlexChart™ combines the best of chief complaint paper templates, smart interfaces, electronic charting and speech recognition to support both the physician's need for speed and the hospital's desire to capture clinical documentation data electronically.

  • Decrease physician charting time by 30%
  • Create a Level 5 chart in under 2 minutes
  • Enhance quality of care
  • Improve patient throughput
  • Reduce denials and ensure compliance
  • Ensure medical necessity is accurately documented

Our electronic physician documentation system was designed to augment an existing EDIS to address the common experience of charting on cumbersome, inefficient software that does not meet the unique needs of the Emergency Department.

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DischargePlanForerun Patient Discharge™

The Forerun Patient Discharge™ application includes medication reconciliation, patient discharge instructions and Rx writing so the right information is communicated to the patient and other clinicians. This allows for safer hand offs and eliminates the redundant workflows that occur during the discharge and patient education process today.

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ED charting with digital pen softwareDigital Pen Option

The Forerun solution, using Anoto Digital Pen Technology offers a fast and accurate method to capture essential clinical data at the bedside. The data is then transferred to the FlexChart™ electronic physician chart as a series of independent data fields and is finished at a computer using keyboard/mouse, voice recognition software, or dictation. 

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