Forerun solutions are vendor agnostic and provides your hospital with the ability to leverage your existing IT infrastructure, HIS and EDIS applications. Forerun has experience integrating our clinical EHR and clinical software tools into many enterprise applications available in the market today or, if needed, can be purchased as a stand-alone solution for your care providers.

Centrally Managed SaaS Product

Forerun solutions are provided as a centrally managed software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. There are no servers to install or extra licenses to manage. Our applications run on any device with a modern web browser including PCs, mobile phones, iPads and tablets. No client installation on individual PCs is required. Our monitoring systems watch our redundant infrastructure for issues around the clock. System security is provided by a combination of HTTPS, certificate-based connection security (SSL), and VPN technology where appropriate and the application manages user role-based security via standard password methodologies.

Configurable Pre-Built System

Forerun solutions provide an integrated solution with the lightest institutional footprint at the lowest cost. No development effort is required by our customers, edit of "dictionaries" or similar screens is not required. Forerun solutions are a fully developed physician software technology, there is no need to build chart templates and Forerun provides all upgrades and support. Forerun Project Managers and Implementation Specialists manage the implementation and work with your IT team through the configuration process.

Streamlined Interface Setup

Forerun solutions leverage clients' existing HIS infrastructure. Our solutions are adaptable to the specific needs of our clients. The Forerun solution integrates seamlessly with existing EDIS, HIS, Practice Management (RCM) and standalone systems using industry-standard formats (such as HL7) and mature interface software to transfer data between systems quickly and efficiently. Forerun developers have experience with many computer systems and are prepared to adapt to new requirements as they emerge.

End-User Support

Forerun provides 24x7 customer support. Our Forerun solutions contain a feedback form so that any end user can send a message to Forerun staff. Messages are fed into our monitoring system and Forerun associates respond around the clock, reducing the work load on your own IT staff. We listen closely to frequent valuable product feedback. We work with our customers to identify workflow or technical barriers and develop creative solutions to address them.