Forerun ED™ solutions are designed to improve the safety, efficiency, and economics of patient care in the ED. Our solutions often pay for themselves within the first year and provide continued benefits each year thereafter. Here are some customer reviews of Forerun:

Dr. Stephen Thomas, Chief of Hillcrest Emergency Department, Hillcrest Medical Center, Tulsa, OK

"It was like we flipped a switch and everyone started using FlexChart. The interface is extremely intuitive, so new users require very little or no training - our residents can learn FlexChart well enough to use it effectively within one hour. We are now able to chart in a fraction of the time that was previously needed, and whenever physicians can spend more time with patients rather than with documentation, there is a positive impact on patient satisfaction and care delivery."

Mark Gilliam, CIO, Ardent Health Services, Nashville, TN

"The physicians struggled with our legacy applications' capabilities, and we wanted to find a solution that was less time-consuming and required fewer IT resources for support. Our criteria for a new system included extensive data reporting capabilities, ease of use that enables rapid clinician training and fast, accurate documentation with smooth deployment and minimal requirements for IT. FlexChart was extremely easy to deploy: we went from project kickoff to implementation in just six weeks. We went with the implementation model in which Forerun acts as the system host - they did a good job with training, and they handle most of the support, which makes our jobs easier."

Dr. Peter Rosen, Past Editor-In-Chief, The Journal of Emergency Medicine

"Forerun is the only system with which I have worked that was designed for the Emergency Physician, can track patients in the ED, produce a readable medical record that has the information necessary to keep the patient on path through the system, deliver communication to other physicians, consultants, and services, provide adequate data for documentation of various patient goals and quality controls, and help avoid errors in decision making and patient management. With Forerun, you always know your patients' status while you are caring for them, while having thorough, understandable records for years later that still have everything you need."

Kirsten Boyd, BIDMC Director for Emergency Services and Associate Chief Nurse for Ambulatory

“We wanted to improve documentation quality, accessibility to patient information, and standardization of the data being captured during patient encounters. We actually improved work processes as a result of our collaboration with Forerun, and were able to train nurses to use Forerun software in about an hour. The fact that all patient data is easily accessible from anywhere in the ED and that we now have an electronic hand-off between nurses and physicians is a major benefit in terms of continuity of care for the patient. And, when the patient leaves the ED, electronic documentation makes it possible for primary care physicians and specialty clinics to see exactly what happened during treatment, resulting in improved communication across the care delivery spectrum.”

Dr. Fermin Barrueto, Chairman of Emergency Medicine, Upper Chesapeake Health Systems, MD

"At our center we closely monitored the productivity difference between paper T-system, our previous documentation system, and Forerun’s Flexchart. Rather than the typical decrease in productivity and flow seen with a physician EMR, we actually found an increase in RVU/patient and RVU/hour, which translates to increased revenue for physicians and hospitals. The ability to capture data for quality analysis, benchmarking, process improvement, and utilization of clinical decision support is the vision for the future of Emergency Medicine. Such vision will only be reality if the EMR can perform efficiently, which very few EMRs currently do - charting solutions like Forerun are the future of Emergency Medicine."

John Halamka M.D, Chief Information Officer of Harvard Medical School, Chief Information Officer of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

"We believe the only way the emergency department can be run is if you're integrating every bit of data generated inside and outside the emergency department in one place where doctors can look at it without having to log in to 27 different systems, and that's what Forerun ED™ does."

Dr. Chris Corbit, Chief Medical Informatics Officer of Emergency Medicine Physicians, Inc. (EMP)

"Using a SaaS model, FlexChart can easily overlay and serve a hospital system, rather than compete with it. At our sites that use FlexChart, the primary care physicians and consultants have been very happy with the readability of the chart, which only aids to enhance communication, improve patient care, and drive increased department and hospital volume. The tremendous increased efficiency results in improved department flow, shorter wait-times, increased patient satisfaction, and higher productivity and reimbursement."