Clinical Solutions for the ED and Urgicenters

Exclusively designed to support the workflow so unique to the Emergency Department, Forerun supports emergency physicians with clear, reliable patient information and tools so they can base care and disposition decisions on the needs of the patient.  Seamlessly and successfully integrated with all hospital information systems, Forerun's solutions have accomplished a unique level of performance in financial, clinical, and patient management in the ED and after discharge.

Designed over many years by ED physicians at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Forerun solutions have a proven performance record in clinical outcomes and hospital workflow and links to community-based providers. After an ED encounter, the patient’s primary care physician or care coordinator has the benefit of ED physicians’ notes and observations while making decisions about follow-up care, thanks to Forerun.

Urgent care and emergency care face similar challenges and many urgicare centers have started to rely on Forerun for managing and communicating treatment episodes with other care providers, and supporting billing and workflow management within the center.

Forerun has a documented track record of reducing ED frequent users, reducing the rate of unnecessary or unreimbursed hospital admissions, and improving patient outcomes. Our solutions improve ED throughput and provide analytic feedback on departmental and practice performance. All relevant data managed in Forerun's solutions is seamlessly shared with hospital information systems and ED billing solutions.




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